The Third and Fourth Youth Pilgrimages (2019 & 2020)

A pilgrimage is planned for those former pilgrims who have not yet visited Africa. In the summer of 2019 we shall be visiting Kumasi Diocese and also visiting other important sites connected with the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. The major community service project will be Jachie Anglican Eye Clinic.

 NB This pilgrimage is not open to those who haven't already been on a pilgrimage. 

Later in 2019 we shall begin a new three year cycle of Pilgrimages.

Check back soon for further information 



On August 11th 2017, the night of the Charlottesville riot, the second youth pilgrimage happened to be  in Shrine Mont, approx 60 miles from the violence. As it unfolded, whilst praying around a camp fire, the youth broke into these powerful words of former slave trader John Newton. What you hear is a song of lament and solidarity, of peaceful protest. A generation declaring boldly 'not in my name'

T.O.H. Youth Pilgrimages

You can download digital versions of our First Youth Pilgrimage Display below

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