Liverpool Virginia Kumasi Youth Pilgrimage 2019

 Triangle of Hope brings together three dioceses -Virginia (USA), Liverpool and Kumasi (Ghana), involved in the slave trade. The project is committed to learning from the past and combatting modern-day slavery and human trafficking.

A Youth Pilgrimage takes place on a rolling basis which runs for 2 years. Youth learn together, pray together, forge lasting relationships, take part in community service together and visit each other’s settings. The key purpose of the Pilgrimage is to nurture their personal development and grow and connect their faith both to history and today’s world.

Our Third Youth Pilgrimage, 2019 started forming together as of September 2019. 

This is the starting point of the journey where we began forming the Third Youth Pilgrimage by bringing a Team of Leaders together and sharing with young people what Youth Pilgrimage is about. We now have over 15 young people not just from parishes across Huyton Deanery, from parishes across The Diocese of Liverpool. 

We begin to meet regularly with the young people interested and provide sessions around team building, the world today, workshops, forging lasting relationships and developing there knowledge and our link with The Triangle of Hope.

The dates of the Triangle of Hope Journey start in Liverpool in 2020 where Pilgrims from both Virginia and Kumasi travel to Liverpool.

In 2021, the group of Pilgrims from Liverpool and Kumasi will travel to Virginia.

Then in 2022, the group of young people from Liverpool and Virginia will travel to Ghana.

· 2020 Liverpool

· 2021 Virginia

· 2022 Ghana

In Liverpool, We will visit Liverpool Cathedrals, St. Asaph Cathedral and Westminster Abbey, plan and deliver assemblies in both primary and secondary schools across Huyton Deanery and Community Mission Projects including speaking at lunch clubs and events in our own churches. We will work on various community projects and design and deliver assemblies on themes such as self-awareness and anti-bullying.

In Virginia, We will visit the White House, and meet some of the US decision makers, as well as working in a soup kitchen before finally joining a youth camp near the Blue Ridge Mountains in Shrine Mont, where the Diocese of Virginia has its wonderful open air cathedral.

In Kumasi, Ghana we will be working closely with supporting those in the community especially visiting other important sites connected with the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and The major community service project which will be Jachie Anglican Eye Clinic.

Creative fundraising ideas will take place, including abseiling down the Cathedral, cake sales, bag packing as local supermarkets, organising concerts and prayerfully giving what they can.

Other activities they will be a part of include developing their own worship and services for their own churches and churches across Huyton Deanery.